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Star Crossed Series 

(Mortal Kombat: Part 1) 

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters from Mortal Kombat; I’m just using them for fun and games.  Persons not related to the game are my own characters, and if you wish to use them for any reason at all, please feel free, as long as no money is made off of them.  This story is a reenactment of the movie, from Sonya’s point of view, and is the first in a series of six that I am working on.

“Because I can’t let what happened to Art…” 

“…even you sometimes need help…” 

“’Allo, Baby.  Did you miss me?” 


“…happen to you…” 

“You’ve been chosen…” 

“If you are afraid to trust…” 


“…much to my delight…” 

“…you will lose…” 

“…not to you…” 

“No!”  The world came back in a swirl of dark colors, and the office returned to its normal tilt.  I looked around while my breath left me in a rush.  When had I been holding it?  As my heart rate returned to its normal beat, I relaxed the vice like grip on my desk.  I saw my veins bulging in my arms.  What the hell was that?  In a moment I was on my feet, a gun in my hand before I knew what I was doing. 

“Damn.”  I looked at the phone as it rang again.  “No wonder the General thinks I’m crazy.”  I put the gun back in its holster and picked up the receiver. 

“Yes?” I growled.  My heart froze, then my blood heated with anger.  I slammed the phone down and ran out the door of my small office. 

“Jaxx!  Let’s go!  Kano’s been spotted at the Metal Dragon Club!  Get troops in for lockdown, I want him caught!”  Jaxx gave a sharp reply, but I was too preoccupied with arming myself for the arrest.  I had my promise to Alex.  I’d be damned if I was going to break it. 

The music blared inside the club, the heavy metal beat matching the heavy pumping in my heart.  The weight of the M7-C14 double barrel automatic shotgun was a cold comfort in my hands. 

“Let’s go!  60 seconds to target!  Jaxx, is the perimeter secure?” 

“Locked down tight!” 

“It better be.  I want Kano.” 

“Trust me, Sonya.” 

“I trust one person on this planet, Jaxx.  You’re talking to her.”  I turned down the corridor and threw myself into the mass of deadheads.  I shoved them aside, not caring about whether anyone got hurt.  What can I say.  It’s just so much easier not to care.  I looked around, scanning the people for the bright red glow of the murderer’s metallic eye.  As I turned to the right, I detected movement to my left on a scaffold.  A Chinese assailant ran across the metal walkway, a machine gun in his hand.  Reacting with an instinct I harbored since birth, I loaded the gun into placed, aimed, and fired two rounds.  I cold feel the icy smile spread on my lips as the man flew back into a glass window.  I climbed the stairs and moved my flashlight around the revealed office.  No Kano.  But an underground passage got my attention.  Damn!  A groan brought my eyes back to the gasping henchman.  The lights from the club reflected off his metal bullet proof vest as I grabbed his collar and lifted his face inches from mine. 

“Where’s Kano?” I demanded through clenched teeth. 

“Huh? Wha?”  I shook him. 

“Where is he?” 

“Pi-Pier 30, Chai Won Bay.  He-he leaves tonight.”  I dropped him back on the table.  Jaxx came up behind me. 

“No sign of Kano or any other Black Dragon Members.  Looks like we lost him.”  He pulled out handcuffs as he moved around me to arrest the wheezing criminal. 

“Not quite.  Let’s go.”  I stomped away.  He escaped again, the bastard.  I’ll have his head, if I have to die for it. 

“Sonya!  Where are we going?”  Jaxx followed, dragging the punk behind him. 

“Get the team together, Major.  We’ve got a boat to catch.” 

“She will ruin you.” 

“I know you care for her…” 

“Worth dying for, eh??” 

“Everyone thinks death is the ultimate sacrifice…” 

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen…” 

“Your soul is mine!” 

“There’s been no word from base.”  I jumped, and reared with a sharp backfist twist.  “Shit!”  Jaxx ducked then grabbed my wrist.  “Christ, girl, what is wrong wit’chu?!”  I took a deep breath.  Gotta get calm. 

“Don’t start with me, Jaxx.  If I don’t get Kano, I’ll kill you instead.”  I was impressed.  Very smooth.  Use Kano as an excuse for the voices in your head.  Damn, you should be an actress, you so good at lying. 

“Yes, ma’am.”  I turned and granted Jaxx with a small grin.  Jaxx knew better than to piss me off.  He wouldn’t push me.  I pulled the binoculars to my eyes. 

“Nothing says that guy at the club wasn’t lying his ass off.  Kano could be a thousand miles from here.”  I considered the Major’s words.  I moved my gaze across the pier.  Funny, it’s getting hard to see.  Where’s this smoke coming from? 

“What the hell is that?” Jaxx asked, mystified.  A flash creased the sky, and a Chinese junk pulled into port.  A very old Chinese junk.  I stared at the ship for a moment as a wave of panic swept over my senses… not again… I ignored the confusing please and focused on the crowd of people climbing the stairwell.  A burst of sparks from the blacksmith’s saw lit up a cabin doorway, revealing a man standing in the dark.  As the sparks rained down in the air, a metal face plate lit up in the doorway. 

“That’s Kano.”  I slammed the binoculars into Jaxx’s chest, and ran toward the junk, my gun at the ready. 

“Sonya, don’t get on that thing!  Sonya!”  I heard Jaxx shout, but I ignored him.  The smoke curled around me in wisps, the air smelled of honeysuckle and fire.  I gripped the gun tighter and ran up the stairway to the deck.  A few people with bags wandered about.  Someone of Kano’s build headed toward a cabin.  My feet picked up as I dashed after him, and successfully smashed into someone dumb enough to get in my way. 

“All right, tough guy, you wanna get-“  I thrust my 9mm baretta into his chin when I regained my balance.  “-rough?” 

“No, do you?” I seethed and glared at him.  I know this guy.  I’ve seen him before.  Hmm.  Probably arrested him sometime ago. 

“Hi.  I’m Johnny Cage.  And you are?”  I pushed the gun into him. 

“Where’s Kano?” 

“I don’t know who you’re talking about,” he spoke softly as he pushed the gun aside.  “But I’m sure I could help you find him.”  My anger flared. 

“Outta my way!”  I pushed him roughly and continued to the lower cabins.  “I don’t need help,” I growled to myself.  I reached the bottom, turned, and kicked in the door.  I pointed my gun around the room.  Room?  More like dungeon.  Chains hung from the ceiling, and the slowly swung in the dark, quiet space that smelled of mildew.  A noise made me turn around, then I pivoted back forward as I heard a creak.  A shudder ran through me.  An old man of Chinese origin stepped forward, then bowed.  I lowered my gun, the tension leaving my shoulders. 

“It’s an honor to finally meet you Sonya.  Shang Tsung, at your service.” 

“I’m looking for a murderer.  He boarded this ship.” 

“I’m impressed.  But it is my ship, and if you’d like a tour, I’d love to give it to you myself.”  His voice smothered me with its silken tone.  He was dangerous; I could feel it in his smile. 

“Hey, be nice to the lady.  She’s just doing her job.”  What the fuck.  My fists balled up as that prick from the deck stepped up behind me.  Keep civilized. 

“When I want backup, I’ll radio for it.”  A door opened in the back of the room, and two suspicious characters entered the room.  One was dressed in blue, the other in yellow. 

“You got that radio handy?”  I carelessly looked at him, and was surprised to see him fall into a battle stance. 

“Scorpion and Sub-Zero.  The deadliest of enemies, but slaves under my power.”  The two warriors stepped forward then moved into defensive positions.  I pointed my gun at the man in blue. 

“Move aside.”  Swiftly, he reached out and grabbed the barrel of my weapon.  The front froze over, and to my amazement, was snapped off.  All right.  A challenge.  The creature in yellow, whose eyes were white and glazed over, stood completely still.  Slowly, a slit appeared in his hand, and a serpent slid out.  It opened its mouth, and screeched.  Who the hell are these people?  Thunder crashed behind me, and I turned to see streaks of electricity fly by me causing the hair on my arms to stand on end.  The two fighters were thrown across the room and against the wall.  In a moment, the streaks came together behind me.  Now there stood the body of an old man.  Fuck me, how the hell- 

“Enough!”  His voice boomed, startling me that such an ancient body could produce such a vibrant sound. 

“Lord Rayden.  How good of you to grace us with your… presence.”  Shang Tsung bowed.  The two argued for a few moments over a tournament.  I didn’t really care, but curiosity got the best of me. 

“What tournament?” I cut in.  Tsung’s eyes flew over my face, so I glared back.  I knew that look, considering I’d seen it on most men before they crossed the line and got their asses kicked. 

“You’ve been chosen, Sonya.  Much to my… delight.”  A growl rumbled in my throat as Tsung disappeared into the back. 

“You really are Rayden.”  Beside me, out of nowhere it seemed, was another Chinese man.  He had kind eyes and a trusting face.  When did he get here?  The white haired man behind us spoke. 

“Come with me.”  His eyes blazed, and he was gone in a crash of thunder.  I glanced at the young Asian who glanced back with a blank stare. 

“Liu Kang.”  He smiled. 

“Sonya.”  I nodded to him before Liu headed up top.  Next to me, Cage was staring.  “What?”  God, he was pissing me off! 

“I think that old Chinaman has a crush on you.”  Oooh, I was going to enjoy hurting this guy. 

“And I think I want to crush your face in with my foot!”  Satisfied with his startled reaction, I also headed to the deck.              “Something tells me this is gonna be one helluva day.” 

After the spectacular light show Shang Tsung created as we continued to his island, I moved into a vacant cabin where I sat on a small bunk and placed my head in my hands.  ‘Mortal men and women defending your own world.’  Rayden’s words echoed through my head.  Damn it all to hell!  I just wanted Kano, dead or alive, so I could get on with my life.  Now, I’m trapped in some fucking junk, waiting to arrive on some distant island where I’ll fight for the realm of Earth.  Christ, like living in a damn sci-fi flick. 

“Nah, not enough aliens and no Sigourney Weaver.  Then we’d be in a sci-fi flick.”  I looked up, my fists ready to fly at the intruder.  Johnny stood leaning against the door frame with his hands in the air in a sign of peace. 

“Don’t you ever knock, or did your acting classes forget to teach you basic manners?” 

“I thought you were having a conversation with someone, so I didn’t feel the need.  But considering you were alone, I just thought I’d reply to your comment. 

“You enjoy annoying me.”  No point in asking, I knew it was true. 

“If it bothers you so much, then I’ll just leave you and yourself alone.”  My fingers dug into the sheet as my hands clenched together.  “But only if you tell me when your significant ‘other’ starts talking back.  I want to get both your phone numbers before I go home.”  He flashed me a smug smile before turning to leave.  I listened as his footsteps faded down the hall.  Slowly, keeping my anger in check, I walked out of the room and up to the deck to stand at the railing.  Breath.  Breath.  Good.  I feel good.  I felt even better when I lashed out at the moronic guy who tried to pick me up.  His nose broke with a satisfying crack, and I felt the tension leave my body as I threw the pig overboard.  Yep, I felt real good. 

The island was breath taking, with lush green trees and white sandy beaches.  The twisted mountain with the jagged, hideous castle on top kinda diminished that beauty, though.  A chill ran through me; an ominous feeling of death and pain surrounded the island.  I reached for my radio equipment and began talking into it, trying to pick up a frequency. 

“Black Hawk to Cardinal.  Black Hawk calling Cardinal, is anybody monitoring?”  Nothing.  Damn.  I smacked it.  “Jaxx, this is Sonya, do you copy?”  Silence.  Shit. 

“While you’re at it, why don’t you call my agent?” Johnny quipped next to me.  I turned to him, scowling. 

“Do I look like your secretary?”  Damn, stop grinning at me.  Liu sat quietly at the front of the long boat as we came to shore.  He looked tranquil, something I terribly envied.  There was something else about him, though, something I couldn’t quite place.  Something… from the past, that I should know, but I couldn’t remember.  I dismissed these thoughts as I jumped out of the boat onto the sandy shore.  Why do I feel like I’m losing my mind?  Work.  That’s it.  I’m working too much.  I just need to get away.  Yeah, maybe to an island with lots of fruit, sunshine, and a Chinese thunder god who’s trying to convince me into saving the world.  Ha, no wonder I’m going nuts.  A splash distracted me, and I looked over with a wry grin whilst Johnny flopped around in the water with his massive amount of luggage. 

“Jaxx?  Are you there?  Sonya to Cardinal team, come in!”  Well, it was worth a try.  Damn!  Irritated, I threw the useless walkie on the ground. 

“What are you doing?” Liu asked. 

“That electrical disturbance last night must have blown out the transmitters.”  He scoffed. 

“Your equipment is fine.  Check your compass.”  Ok.  I did.  It gave no distinct direction. Instead it spun around in circles.  I looked at him, but he only shrugged.  Yeah, thanks Liu, that’s real helpful.  Johnny then joined us, dripping wet and a few suitcases short of a lifetime Hugo survival pack. 

“Where the hell are we?” I asked him. 

“Do I look like your travel agent?” he retorted, all signs of humor gone from his recent dip. 

“Fine!”  I walked off toward the castle.  Lui and Johnny were mumbling something about legends behind me.  Well, whatever legends may be taking place here, my main concern lay only in Kano’s capture and the return home.  After a few more yards, I stopped and stared at the staircase before me, that seemed to ascend to the clouds. 

“You gotta be shitin’ me.”  Johnny’s expression of utter shock at the numerous steps was priceless, and I laughed dryly. 

“What’sa matter, Mr. Cage?  Too much climbing, too much luggage, or too much ego to admit you can’t make it up with all those bags?”  I smirked.  He glared.  Check. 

“Want some help, Johnny?” offered Liu. 

“Thanks, buddy, but I’ve been offered a challenge, and I’ll be cursed to a life without sex before I step down to a girl.”  Girl?  GIRL?! 

“You sexist, arrogant, self-centered-“ I sputtered, but Johnny already started up. 

The climb was rough, but the entertainment made it worthwhile.  By the time we reached the 500’s, Johnny had already lost three bags.  He was persistent, however, so I actually had to commend his determination.  Reminded me a lot of myself.  Too much, in fact.  And then he lost his footing, fell against me, and lost the rest of his suitcases. 

“Do you need help with those?”  Liu asked.  Johnny’s killer look clearly stated “You’re a bit late,” and a smile cracked my lips.  Arrogant idiot.  I continued up the steps with my head high, Liu close behind, and poor Johnny panting at the rear.  When I reached the top, I entered a black, horrid building of a design that could only be described as twisted.  The walls were built out of what looked like charred bone and hardened sponges.  The ceilings were high and open.  Lightning cracked above, and illuminated the statues that stood stolid and frightening.  The eerie moment was disturbed as Johnny bumped into me, gasping for breath. 

“Ah, ha.  Ah, no more steps.”  He paused as he took in the ‘scenery’.  “Great.  Can’t wait to see what the bathrooms look like.”  I shook my head in disgust.  Actors.  We continued down the path and I examined my surroundings.  The statues were grotesque, to be generous.  Liu was standing next to one that resembled a lizard poised to strike.  The Chinese fighter was looking past the stone figure, and for the first time I noticed a woman sitting under and umbrella.  A very beautiful woman in a rich blue dress with thick, long, brunette hair cascading down her back. 

“Ahh.  When a woman looks at you like that, it usually means something,” Johnny commented. 

“Yeah, get lost,” I spoke under my breath as I walked on, following the other combatants.  After walking around the castle for about an hour, we arrived at a temple.  Around the temple were huts, and each hut had two names written on a block of wood.  I was roomed with a man named Art Lean.  Hopefully, he’d make better company than Johnny, who was roomed with Liu across from me.  Inside the hut were two beds on each side of the room and shelving over top for bags.  At the back of the room was a door that lead to a washroom.  Inside was a fountain that flowed from a severed ram’s head into a basin.  Lovely. 

“Hello.”  I jumped and turned.  A young bald black man stood by a bed as he threw his gym bag on the self.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Didn’t mean to startle you.  I’m Art Lean.” 

“Sonya.”  Well, he seems nice enough.  Suddenly, a bell gonged outstide, and a monk came to the door to lead us away. 

“Hopefully we’re going to dinner,” Art quipped as he walked out. 

“Hopefully the food is edible,” I called after him.  We were taken to a large room with long low tables set all around.  I tried to ignore the men who stared and jeered at me.  I barely noticed as Art was called over to someone he knew, so when I spotted Liu, I sat over with him. 

“-with the millionaire taking the hostage of models, and only one guy to stop the babes from becoming his slaves.”  I took a seat next to Johnny as he continued.  Liu just stared with a blank look on his face.  “I played the good guy, of course.  Sound at all familiar?”  Liu shook his head, making Johnny sigh.  “All right, how about Sudden Death?  You must have heard of that one.”  Another blank stare.  “It was at the top of the charts for weeks!” 

“Sorry Johnny, but I don’t watch much TV.”  The actor groaned then turned to me. 

“How about you, beautiful?  You’ve heard of Sudden Death, right?”  Oh, I was simmering. 

“No, but if you call me pet names again, I’ll give you my own version of Sudden Death, with you in the role of the victim.”  I bit into a piece of fish. 

“Does that mean no honeymoon video?”  1, 2, 3, 4, 5…  Art sat down as I humored the idea of Johnny being crushed under a stage light.  I let my gaze sweep around the room, and I paused when I noticed a man staring at me from the back.  His physique was moderately built, and he was dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans.  I couldn’t see his eyes because they were covered by his cowboy hat.  A soft groan emitted around the room as the doors to the hall began to close.  Rayden stood outside then disappeared from view as the doors shut.  I looked back to where the “cowboy” was standing and found that he, too, had disappeared.  The room grew silent and I realized with a start that we were surrounded by monks.  Shang Tsung had joined us as well.  I listened to his speech about the tournament and a warrior named Goro. 

“Treasure these moments, as if they were your last.”  Suddenly, the room became alive with activity as the monks shoved the warriors to sides and cleared the tables away.  A battle was being presented to us.  Unfortunatly, the loser was frozen to death in mid air and shattered when he hit the floor at Tsung’s feet. 

“Flawless Victory.”  Something told me this was going to be one hell of a weekend. 

“Do you know where we’re going?”  I could hear the doubt in Liu’s voice.  Eech.  I hate spiderwebs. 

“I know exactly where we are going.  Kitana went this way.”  Johnny cleared another giant web, turned to Liu, and continued with confidence.  “I can smell her perfume.”  Johnny pointed his finger and continued moving forward.  Liu looked to me as I moved ahead. 

“I don’t smell anything.”  We walked on in silence, and I contemplated Tsung’s words about the contract he and Kano had agreed to.  Then I glowered when I remembered that the guys had followed me along while I was tailing Tsung.  Fuckin’ male pride thinking a woman can’t take care of herself.  I shook my head.  Focus now, get pissed later.  I knew Tsung had Kano working for him.  And it sounded like I was going to fight the bastard.  Good.  Tsung’s words still bothered me though.  ‘I have plans for my beautiful Sonya.’  My blood simmered at the thought.  I belong to no one! 

Before I realized it, we were in a lit hall with a throne to seat a very tall person with four arms.  This was actually the room where Tsung discussed the tournament with Kano and a third person I didn’t see.  Kitana was not here. 

“I smell something.”  I looked at Johnny.  “Bullshit.”  I walked around the table, brushing off cobwebs and looking for another way out.  Multiple cries sounded behind me and Johnny spoke. 

“We got company.”  Seven monks attacked.  Five minutes later they were out cold.  Johnny and I began to bicker about his ego when Rayden interrupted us.  After a little joke, he stopped the twenty other monks who decided to join us, and led us outside. 

As we walked along the path back to the huts, Rayden spoke of the tournament, Goro, and Shang Tsung.  He warned us of Tsung’s power, but seemed more concerned with warning Liu than Johnny or I.  Rayden and Liu then parted off to meditate, so Johnny and I walked off in silence.  He broke it first. 

“Where did you learn to fight?” 

“What’s it to you?” I inquired. 

“I was impressed.”  I scowled at his reply. 

“I’m flattered your ego noticed me.” 

“My ego wasn’t the only thing that noticed you.”  I dared a sidelong glance.  Was that a smile? 

“What must I do to get rid of you?”  Johnny shrugged. 

“Talk to me.  Get a chance to know me.  Perhaps you’ll find I’m not as bad as you think.”  I couldn’t help scoffing. 

“Yeah, I’ll find out you’re worse.” 

“Thanks for that bout of confidence.”  My eyes smiled but my lips stayed straight.  Twenty bucks says this guy wants to get laid, and that’s it. 

“Why are you so interested in me, anyway?” 

“Rayden said you, me, and Liu were the only hope to save Earth, and since I’ve got plenty of time to get to know Liu, I figured it would just be nice to be able to hold at least a civil conversation with you.”  I hesitated. 

“Fair enough.  I am a Lieutenant for the US Special Forces.  I joined the Army at 18, and worked my way around.” 

“Why’d you join the army?” 

“Can you keep a secret?” 

“For you, of course.”  I stopped and smiled. 

“So can I.”  He shook his head. 

“No fair!”  I was about to retort, but my eyes caught movement a few feet away.  I stared hard, trying to discern the presence.  A low branch from a dead tree hung over me and I snapped it off.  “What are you doing?”  I flicked my wrist and the branch flew across the air like a star.  It broke against a statue as a man dove under, rolled, and rose into a fighting stance.  He was partially hidden in shadow. 

“Who are you?” I demanded. 

“A mercenary on a mission,” he replied softly in a voice that was strong but tinged with age. 

“Which is?”  But instead of answering me, he raced forward and threw a punch.  I dodged and instantly recognized him as the cowboy from dinner.  He kicked at me stomach, but Johnny jumped over and blocked it before releasing an uppercut.  The man fell back, causing his hat to tip upwards.  I caught a glimpse of gray hair and wrinkles around his face.  Odd, he looked frighteningly familiar.  Who- suddenly the world tilted and I found myself on my back.  Damn!  I rolled into a back walkover and landed on my feet.  Johnny was just knocked down and clutching his ribs.  The mysterious fighter turned to me then ran. 

“Hey!”  I took off after him.  Johnny shouted my name, but I kept running.  The path snakes around thru trees and into dark, torch lit tunnels, but I lost him. 

“Fuck!”  Ooh, I was pissed.  “I’m getting sick of these games.”  Then I thought about Johnny.  I left him, possibly hurt.  Oops.  Better check on him.  I backtracked, following the same path that gave me a quick tour of the island.  I was almost to the temple and the huts when I heard voices. 

“-following us?”  I paused.  Johnny? 

“I was following you.  I bring you a message.”  I moved closer.  Hidden behind one of the vertical Chinese flags, and no torches lit nearby to reveal me, I could see and hear without being seen.  Johnny was talking to that damn cowboy.  I noticed a box in the stranger’s hands, which he gave to Johnny. 

“What’s this?” 

“A dying wish.”  There was a pause. 

“You went through all this trouble to give me a bottle of perfume?”  The sarcasm couldn’t be more evident in Johnny’s voice. 

“It’s poison.  Lethal, but painless.” 

“And I need this for?” 

“To kill Sonya Blade.”  My eyes turned to slits.  What the hell was this?  Was that prick working for Kano?  And why is he getting close to Johnny? 

“What?”  Johnny’s voice turned to ice. 

“She will ruin you, Johnny.  Slip her this tomorrow morning.  It will work quickly, and she’ll die at the hands of her enemy.  No one will know the tournament was rigged.” 

“Fuck you, asshole.  If you think I’d actually help you with this-“  Johnny pulled his arm back to smash the vile on the stone path, but the other man stopped him. 

“I know you are interested in her, but she’s not worth the price you’ll pay if you let her live.” 

“I believe she could be worth dying for.”  A chill swept into my stomach, and I shivered when I realized it was from fear.  The stranger gave a rough laugh. 

“Dying for, eh?  That has always been your weakness, Johnny.  You always find the easy way out.” 

“What?!”  Involuntarily, I jumped at the rage in Johnny’s voice. 

“Everyone thinks death is the ultimate sacrifice.” 

“Isn’t it?”  Another deep laughed rumbled from the older man, this one laced with malice. 

“Continuing to live with the consequences you’ve made, while the guilt eats away at you, now that, boy, is the ultimate sacrifice.”  His voice became serious as he continued.  “If Sonya lives, then you are ruined.  Kill her, or I will kill you both and let your souls suffer with the guilt of failing to protect the realm of Earth.”  With that, the stranger walked off towards the cliffs.  Johnny stood stolid for a few moments then also walked off.  As the conversation had ended, I had no reason to stay and began my short trek back to the huts.  Sleep never seemed so far from me, yet I never needed it so much. 

End of Part 1